The polo shirt in memory is a low-lying item with a lapel

The polo shirt in memory is a low-lying item with a lapel, but now the waist becomes a fashionable and beautiful love item. Haha, it is really scary to be fashionable, but don’t say that the polo shirt is scum. It is the correct way to open the polo shirt by holding all kinds of styles.
White and blue striped polo shirt with a slab of trousers, looks not only neat and capable, plus wearing white shoes, but also brought out a casual fan, haha, there is no impression of the old-fashioned old-fashioned Slag.
The white polo shirt is equipped with a black suit skirt, high-heeled shoes on the feet, and the look of the wood has a feminine woman’s feel. Grey polo shirts and black skirts are paired together, low-key and restrained, but full of slippers and bamboo baskets.
Contrast polo shirts look a lot of youth, with denim hot pants and bulingbuling sandals, a look at the sister of the youthful literary fan, wide-frame cat eye sunglasses stealing the mirror.
Simple white polo shirt with black A-line skirt, a pair of small white shoes, a low-key color, a few points of the student party’s feel, full of youth, literary overflow. Yellow short polo shirt with contrast color skirt, full of color and eye-catching youth, a bit cool and a bit sexy.
Crimson polo shirt, old-fashioned color with a nostalgic feel, with a pair of blue denim hot pants, red and blue contrast color wear a few light retro tone, it looks very literary look
Navy blue crimson color polo shirt with blue jeans, biased with the old color, a bit of the 80s navy feel, can not hide the retro atmosphere. Although the contrast-colored striped polo shirt is full of casual style, but the modern feel can not stand the polka-dot wide-leg pants, it still looks very retro.